Sunday, April 18

Gwamnatin tarayya zata rage farashin Man Fetur zai koma kasa da naira 100

Gwamnatin tarayya ta bayyana cewa ta shirya tsaf dan karya farashin man fetur a fadin Najeriya.


Me baiwa shugaban kasa shawara akan harkokin Naija Delta,  Sanata Ita Enang ne ya bayyana haka ga manema labarai a Akwa Ibom.


Ya bayyana cewa gwamnatin tarayya zata jawo masu tace mai ta barauniyar hanya a kananan matatun mai haramtattu dan ta inganta ayyukan nasu kuma suma ya zamana an san da zamanau.


Yace hakan zai rage farashin man dan kuwa an cire duk kudin harajon da ake karba wajan shigo da man daga kasashen waje. Yace ana sa ran hakan zai sa farashin man ya sauka zuwa kasa da Naira 100.


Therefore, the Federal Government will on March 15th- 17th hold a National Conference on Artisanal and Modular Refining to integrate local refiners into the mainstream refining in Nigeria. It is more necessary to do in-country refining to avoid certain duties and charges connected with importation of Petroleum products.


“At the conference, persons who have different capacities to do different things would come, even the illegal refiners would also come, and teach us how they do it and if they can improve upon it by giving them the equipment that does the cracking, we are good to go. We are encouraged to do this because during the Nigeria civil war that lasted for 30 months, Biafra was cut off from the entire world, they never imported petroleum products, they were producing and refining locally and that capacity is still there.


“With this step, it would be possible to have the products at less than N100 per liter, because other charges relating to clearing the cargo would not be there.”


Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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