Tuesday, August 3

A bar Inyamurai su kafa kasarsu>>Wata Kungiyar Arewa ta roki Buhari

Kungiyar CNG da ta fito daga Arewa, ta roki shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ya baiwa Inyamurai damar kafa kasarsu.


Kungiyar tace, Inyamuran suna da manyan mutane dake wakiltarsu a cikin gwamnatin tarayya, amma hakan kada ya hana a basu damar kafa kasar tasu.


Kungiyar tace, domin kaucewa kisan ba gaira ba dalili, da kuma tashe-tashen hankula, suna son a yi zaben raba gardama a kasar baki daya dan jin ra’ayin mutane kan raba kasa.


Kungiyar tace dolene duka Inyamurai su bar yankin Najeriya idan aka tashi zaben kuma idan aka kammala ya zamana suna son kafa kasar su ne kada su dawo mana.

The coalition said, “In the light of the frantic efforts being made by some sections of the leadership of the Igbo to disown the current violent agitations for a separate state of Biafra, we, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) insist they should not be believed and only a referendum for Igbo exit can provide final guarantee for a peaceful Nigeria.

“It is important for Nigeria to see through this hypocritical desperation by the Igbo leaders to buy time to restrategise for a deadlier onslaught for Biafra as an afterthought following the exposure of the extent of their complicity in the sponsored Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) secession project.

“With the level of commitment of the Igbo public to the point of young men killing their parents who dared oppose Kanu’s activities, the rest of the country cannot be expected to accept to continue as a nation with the Igbo on the apparent weakness of the assurances of a handful of Igbo leaders.

“We also consider the sudden contraption by a certain section that calls itself “northern Igbo” as a more latent, disagreeable and unacceptable threat to the North and its people than their brethren that fight us from their South Eastern enclave.

“This is because their presence within the deep hinterland of the North and the permanent nature of that presence, accord them undue advantage over the trusting indeginous northerners who are steadily weakened by a carefully orchestrated, widespread drug war and clandestine spread of arms by these settlers.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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