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An kama wani mutum dan shekaru 47 da yayi Luwadi da kananan yara 2 da goga musu cutar Kanjamau

An kama Adamu Gwaldi dake Unguwar Magaji a Yola South, Jihar Adamawa bayan da ake zarginsa da yiwa yara 2 Luwadi da kuma goga musu cutar Kanjamau.


Adamu ya dauki yaran ne daga titi inda suke wasa ya rika Luwadi dasu tsawon makonni inda kuma ya goga musu cutar Kanjamau.


Yaran sun je neman aiki ne daga kauyensu, inda mutumin ya gamu dasu ya kaishi gidansa ya rika luwadi dasu. Daya daga cikin yaran yace ya sami ya gudu daga wajan Adamu inda ya hadu da Wani Bawa wanda shine ya kaiwa ‘yansanda karan lamarin har aka kama Adamu.


Babbar Kotun jihar dake sauraren karar ta daga ci gaba da shari’ar zuwa 27 ga watan Afrilu.

According to him, it was because they had nowhere to put up that they sought Gwaldi popularly called ‘Magajin Gari’s’ help. The teenager told the court that Gwaldi took them to his house on that fateful night, offered them food and drugs, saying: “He told us the drug was for pain relief.”


However, the case was different the following day as the relief stuffs turned out to be sedatives. “The only thing we noticed during the night was like somebody was on my back and having sexual intercourse with me through my anus.

“When I woke up, I experienced severe pain in my anus and found blood and sperm,” he said, adding that his friend was also abused in the same fashion.

He said they became apprehensive when they could not see Gwaldi when they woke up as he had gone out, leaving the door securely locked. The teenager alleged that Gwaldi kept them in the room and had sexual intercourse with them repeatedly for a week after which he took away his friend to an unknown destination.


“He told him that he took my friend back to Muchalla,” he said, adding that since then he had not seen him again.
The teenager told the court that he escaped from Gwaldi’s house one morning when Gwaldi was away, but to his chagrin, he heard people calling him Gwaldi’s wife.

He disclosed that it was one Philip Bwasa who took him and reported the matter to police, which led to the arrest of the defendant.
On his part, Bwasa, who also testified, said he actually rescued the boy when he was told about his plight, saying that at the time he was trying to rescue the boy, the defendant met him and warned him to stop interfering in his affairs.

Also testifying, the Investigative Police Officer (IPO), Sergeant Ishaya Iliya, said that the matter was reported at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Police Headquarters, Yola, noting that in the course of investigation, they took the boy to Specialist Hospital, Yola, and that after he was diagnosed, it was discovered that the boy was actually defiled and he is HIV positive.

After cross examination by the defence counsel, N. I. El-Yakub, counsel to the prosecution, D. I. Kulthu, Senior State Counsel II, tendered confessional statements of both the parties in evidence. Thereafter, the court adjourned the matter to April 27, 2021 for continuation of hearing.

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