Tuesday, May 18

Babu wanda zai tursasamu mu zabi wanda bama so,kuma Shima Buhari in ba zai iya ba ya sauka>>Dattawan Arewa

Kakakin Kungiyar Dattawan Arewa,Hakeem Baba Ahmad ya bayyana cewa, babu wanda zai tursasa ‘yan Arewa su zabi wanda bai musu ba a matsayin Shugaban kasa.


Yace idan mutum na son a zabeshi, ba wai zai dogara da cewa ya fito daga wani yanki bane, kamata yayi ya zo ya gaya mana dalilansa na cewa yafi wanda muke so nagarta.


Yace amma mutum ba zai fito ya mana barazanar cewa wai idan ba’a zabeshi ba, ba za’a zauna Lafiya ba kuma a zabeshi.


Da yake amsa tambaya kan cewa shirun ‘yan Arewa ne da Suka yi ya jawo matsalar tsaro ta ta’azzara,Baba Ahmad ya bayyana cewa, ba gaskiya bane.


Yace kungiyarsu ta sha Fitowa ta yi magana, kumama har cewa suka yi idan Shugaban kasar ba zai iya kare Najeriya ba to ya sauka.

According to him, “We called this conference because we believe we have to rein­force the northern position and that is; any Nigerian who wants the northerners to vote for him, should not just rely on where he comes from but should come to the north and convince northerners that he represents a better choice than a northerner and that he deserves our votes better.


“But, you cannot abuse us into supporting you or in­timidate or blackmail us into supporting you.


“The northerners have the right to support the can­didate they want and no one has a right to insist that if the northerners do not vote a southern candidate that there will be no peace in this country. You cannot do this.”

Reminded, that the issue of insecurity escalated in the north due to the refusal of northerners to cry out at the time it started, he said; “We have never been quiet. No one has been quiet. Our governments, both at the state and federal levels have failed us.

“The northern governors have tried as they do not have the means to deal with secu­rity and, we have not been quiet as the Northern Elders Forum has been consistent as we have said that the Pres­ident has failed to protect the country and, we even demand­ed that the president resigns as many other people had said we were too strict but we said if he cannot protect Nigerians, he should resign.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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