Saturday, December 4

Bamu da kudi, ba zamu kara gina sabbin tituna ba>>Gwamnatin tarayya

Gwamnatin tarayya ta bayyana cewa ba zata sake gina sabbin tituna ba.


Hakan ya fito ne daga bakin ministan ayyuka da gidaje, Babatunde Raji Fashola.


Yace Najeriya bata bukatar sabbin tituna.


Ya bayyana hakane yayin da ya gabata wajan kwamitin kula da ayyuka na majalisar tarayya inda yace za’a saka kudin dake hanun gwamnatine wajan ci gaba da ayyukan da aka watsar.

“The number of projects is increasing and all of us must find a way to come to a consensus because our revenue is not increasing at the same exponential rate.

“What we are seeing every year is that we appropriate for a very token amount for a project of certain quantum. Now, once the award is done, the question of financing becomes a challenge.

“With the inflation and everything, there must come a time and I think that time is now; Mr chairman and honourable members, enough of new roads and new projects.

“Let us concentrate our limited resources to complete or progress some of what we have started. In finding the solution, I will be happy. There are a couple of roads in Osun and we cannot finish all of them in one budget cycle.

“If the parliamentarians from each state can come together and say, this is on priority project for us and decide that let us move our zonal intervention project and say this is what we want to achieve this is an honest conversation we must have.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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