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Bude kotunan Shari’ar Musulunci da gwamnatoci ke yi ya sabawa Doka>>Kungiyar Kiristocin Najeriya, CAN

Kungiyar Kiristocin Najeriya, CAN reshen Jihar Bauchi ta nemi a bude musu kotun shari’ar Kiristoci wadda tace hakan zai sa a rika samun warware matsaloli cikin sauki.


Kungiyar ta bayyana hakane ga kwamitin sauraren ra’ayin jama’a kan canjawa Kundin tsarin Mulkin Najeriya fasali.


Tace amincewa da shari’ar Musulunci da kuma bude hotunan shari’ar Musulunci ya sabawa kundin tsarin Mulkin Najeriya da ya hana gwamnati daujar wani addini a matsayin nata.


Suka ce amma domin Adalci, kamata yayi suma a bude musu kotu da kuma hukuma irin ta Musulunci, saboda kotunan na Musulunci basa daukar wanda ba Musulmi ba aiki wanda shima hakan ya sabawa doka.


“For example, in Bauchi State, provisions has been made for the implementation of Sharia Law since 2000/2001. In fact, Sharia Commission has been created and Area courts have been abolished and replaced with Sharia courts.

“The provision of Sharia courts and Sharia Commission without a corresponding Ecclesiastical courts and  Commission to attend to the yearning of Christian citizens has served as a great marginalization, discrimination and/or source of conflict in terms of accessibility to employment because all the employees of the said Sharia Commission and Courts are all Muslims”.

CAN also recommended that the amendment should also declare null and void any law either Federal or State which intend to or has adopted a particular religion and its legal system or facilitate or create any religious educational body without a correspondence to carter for the interest of Christian religion.

“In the alternative, the creation of Ecclesiastical Court or Tribunal along with its Commission and other Christian educational bodies to meet the interest of all Christian will enhance equality and inclusiveness in the Constitution.

“The Christian Association of Nigeria has observed that it is pertinent to implement the above stated recommendations due to the reasons that Christianity is one of the major religions in Nigeria and has its members across the federation.

“Therefore, allowing the recognition of Islamic religion and its legal system in the Constitution and its subsequent adoption by States is a clear discrimination against Christians and a gross violation of Section 10 of the Constitution.

“The continuous  recognition and adoption of the Islamic religion  and its legal system by both Federal and States government without a correspondent Ecclesiastical Courts, Commission and Christian Educational Bodies is an injustice and a violation of the Constitutional rights of Christians  access to employment opportunities”, CAN further stressed.

According to CAN, “The Ecclesiastical court will ensure that dispute among Clerics and even Christians pertaining to spiritual matters that involve sacraments, successors to personal properties, Christian Marriage, discipline, administration of church, ecclesiastical corporate bodies, tithes, benefits , question touching on oaths and vows are  determine in accordance with the Biblical and Christian injunctions.

“The foregoing position has been set out by CAN in order to persuade this Honourable Committee to adopt our position as submitted above. Doing this will be in the overall national interest and peaceful co-existence among Nigerian Citizens and particularly given sense of belonging to the Christians faithful.”

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