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Dalilin da yasa har yanzu ‘yan Bindiga basu sako daliban Kaduna ba>>Sheikh Gumi

Shehin malamin addinin Islama, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Gumi ya bayyana cewa dalilin da yasa ‘yan Bindiga basu sako daliban Kaduna ba, Saboda dokar shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ce ta harbin duk wanda aka gani da Bindigar AK47.


A ranar 11 ga watan Maris ne dai aka sace daliban, kusan makonni 2 da suka gabata kenan.


Malamin yace a shiga dajin da yayi, ya tattauna da kusan kaso 80 na shuwagabannin ‘yan bindigar, kuma in banda rashin hadin kan wasu shugabannin gwamnati, da ya gana da duka shuwagabannin ‘yan bindigar. Yace ta hanyar ‘yan Bindigar da ya tattauna dasu a baya, an gano shugaban ‘yan Bindigar da ya sace daliban Kaduna amma kuma bai taba halartar taron sulhu ba.


Yace kuma matsalar dokar da gwamnati tasa ta harbin duk wanda aka gani da Bindiga yasa ba zasu iya shiga dajin ba. Dan kada gwamnati ta ga kamar suna goyon bayan ‘yan Bindigar. Yace suna kira a barsu su ci gaba da ganawa da ‘yan Bindigar.

According to Daily Trust, Gumi said despite identifying the leader of the gang, he has been unable to reach out to him because of the shoot-on-sight order of the president.


The cleric added that during his previous tours to the bandits’ dens, he met with more than 80 percent of their leaders, saying if not for lack of encouragement from some government officials, he would have met all the leaders to persuade them to lay their arms for peace to reign.


He said, “If we had encouragement, we would have met all the leaders. All those we met usually offered to support us to negotiate on our behalf, just like what happened in Niger State.


“Presently, our ability has reached the extent that we can identify who is involved in any criminal act. We have identified the leader of those who took the students but he has never attended any peace meeting with us.


“Those groups we met identified him but we could not reach out to him because of the security implication since the government gave shoot-on-sight order and then the government said no negotiation. So, I don’t want us to go into the bush and the government will think we are encouraging them.”


Asked what needs to be done to get the victims released, Gumi said, “What I think is for the government to just relax and allow us to follow these people to teach them how to behave, admonish them and then negotiate so that they stop this thing. We are doing this for ourselves not for the government or any political party.


“We don’t want politicians to mess up our land because they will come and go while we remain here, God willing. So we are not doing it for political reasons, we are doing it for ourselves so that we stop killing each other.”


On the stand of Governor Nasir El-Rufai against negotiating with bandits, Gumi said, “I cannot change the state government’s stand on negotiation and ransom payment. All I want from them is to allow us to continue discussion with the bandits.”

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