Saturday, April 17

Daukar Jami’an Tsaro Miliyan 50:Subutar baki nayi, Dubu 50 naso cewa>>Tinubu

Tsohon Gwamnan Jihar Legas, Bola Ahmad Tinubu ya bayyana cewa, ya janye maganar da yayi a baya ta cewa, a dauki matasa, Miliyan 50 aikin Soja.


Kalaman na Tinibu sun jawo cece-kuce sosai a shafukan sada zumunta. Saisai masu magana da yawunsa aun ke tuntuben harshe ne yayi, Dubu 50 yake son fada.


Tinubu ya kuma yi kiran da a dauki matasa da yawa aiki a bangarori daban-daban na kasarnan.

“Asiwaju seeks the expansion of security personnel by 50,000 for the armed forces not the 50 million that was mentioned in error.


“It was an accidental verbal mistake of which we all commit from time to time especially when reciting a series of large numerical figures. He did not mean 50 million, which is almost a quarter of our total population.


“The crucial matter is that Asiwaju rightly observed that such strong recruitment would serve the twin-purpose of helping to tackle unemployment while at the same time enhancing the security of every Nigerian.


“Please forgive any confusion due to this innocent error. The most vital thing is that he set forth a wise and timely approach that would help us face two of today’s stiffest challenges.


“He believes that the more job opportunities are presented to our youth the less some of them will be tempted into illegal and dangerous activities.


“As part of this overall approach, he believes that eligible youth should be recruited into the armed forces, police and other security agencies to augment the functional capacity of our security apparatus thus ensuring the better security and safety of our people.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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