Saturday, December 4

Duk likitan da yayi karatu a Najeriya ba zamu kara barinshi ya tafi kasar waje ba sai…>>Gwamnatin tarayya

Gwamnatin tarayya ta bayyana cewa, duk likitan da yayi karatu a Najeriya ba zata kara barinshi ya tafi kasar waje ba sai ya kwashe shekaru 9 yanawa Najeriya aiki.


Ana yawaitar samun likitoci na barin Najeriya suna aiki a kasashen waje musaman na Larabawa da turawa dan neman albashi me kyau.


Saidai ministan Kwadago, Chris Ngige yace hakan ba zata sake faruwa ba dan kuwa duk likitan da ya gama karatu a Najeriya sai an ci moriyarsa kamin ya fita kasar waje.

“Medical education in Nigeria is almost free. Where else in the world is it free? The Presidential Committee on Health should come with a proposal for bonding doctors, nurses, medical laboratory scientists and other health workers, so that they don’t just carry their bags and walk out of their country at will when they were trained at no cost.

“In London, it is 45,000 pounds a session for medical education in cheap in universities. If you go to Edinburgh or Oxford, you pay $80,000. If you go to USA you pay $45,000 but if you go to the Ivy leagues, you pay $90,000 for only tuition, excluding lodging. You do it for six years. So, people in America take loans.

“We can make provisions for loans and you pay back. If government will train you for free, we should bond you. You serve the country for nine years before you go anywhere,” the Minister said in a statement issued by Deputy Director, Press and Public Relations of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, Charles Akpan.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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