Tuesday, May 11

Gwamnoni ba zasu hanamu yawo da dabbobi muna kiwo ba>>Miyetti Allah

Kungiyar Miyetti Allah ta bayyana cewa gwamnoni ba zasu iya hanata yawo da dabbobin tana kiwo ba.


Ta bayyana cewa, hakan kamar korarta ne daga jihohi musamman na yarbawa. Saidai wannan na cin karo da matsayin uwar kungiyar na cewa ta amince da matakin hana kiwon yawo da dabbobi.


Sakataren kungiyar, Sale Alhassan ya bayyana cewa, ta yaya za’a hanasu kiwo da dabbobinsu ta hanyar yawo? Yace idan aka yi haka me zasu yi kenan. Yace tun zamanin Annabi Musa shima yayi kiwo na yawo da dabbobi dan haka basu amince da wanna lamari ba.


Ya bayyana cewa, akwai tsarin da Gwamnatin tarayya ta samar na kiwo da dabbobi wannan shine suke akansa.


They can’t put an end to open grazing by fiat because grazing is not motorcycle business; there must be an alternative. Secondly, if they say they are going to end open grazing, what is the timeline for it?


“They want to displace herders from where they earn their livelihood. It is not different from an eviction notice – it is just putting the eviction notice into effect. This is very unfortunate because they cannot come out to say they are embracing peaceful herders and then say they are ending open grazing. What do they mean by that? Is there closed grazing?


From history, right from the time of Moses, grazing is open. By now, they should realise that they will not get the result they are looking for. We are in total support of the National Livestock Transformation Plan. I was part of the committee that reviewed the final document. The programme has a lot of components, and if implemented, it will address a lot of challenges

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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