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Hotuna ba Kyan Gani: Dole aka yankewa wata mata hannunta bayan da Mijinta ya yankashi saboda zargin cin Amana

Dole tasa an yankewa wata mata hannu bayan da mijinta ya yayyanka mata hannuwa da kafafu saboda zargin cin Amana.


Matar ta bada Labarin cewa ita ta sha kama mijin nata a baya yana cin Amarta tare da mata da yawa a kan gadon aurensu Amman ya mata wannan aika-aikata saboda zargi.


Matar me suna Roselyne Victory na Calabar a jihar Cross-Rivers. Tace wata renane bayan Kammala Sayar da kaya a Kasuwa sai ta kira direban da ya saba kaita gida amma bata sameshi ba.


Tace ta je wajan wata kawarta wadda ta mata kokarin sama mata mota ta yanar gizo amma abu ya faskara,dan haka kawai sai ta kwanta a gidan kawartata, tace kawai saidai ji tayi mijin nata ya tasheta da duka yana mata ihun karuwa.


Tace Mijin nata ya dauko Makami da niyyar caka mata a kirji shine ta kai hannunta,anan ne ya sameta a hannu dalili kenan da aka yanke mata hannun.


Tace ko da tana kwance a Asibiti, be dena neman mata ba dan haka ta gaji da zama dashi. Yanzu haka dai maganar na kotu.

Woman’s arm amputated after her husband allegedly butchered her arm and leg because he suspected her of infidelity (Graphic photos)

A woman has narrated how her husband, who she claims she has caught cheating many times on their matrimonial bed, butchered her because he suspected her of cheating.

Roselyne Victory O’Neill now has one arm after her left arm was amputated following attempts by her husband to stab her on her chest.

Narrating her story on Facebook, She alleged that she caught her husband cheating multiple times during courtship but she forgave him.

They married on November 24, 2018, after both checking their HIV status and submitting negative reports.

However, she claims that into the marriage, she discovered he has tested HIV positive since 2017 yet concealed the information from her.

She said she confronted him about it and he told her he owes her no explanation.

Subsequently, she took herself and their baby boy for HIV test, forgave her husband, and remained in the marriage.

Roselyne, who has a food stand in Cultural Centre Field, Calabar, said her life changed on Dec 27, 2020. She woke early that Sunday and went about her business to fend for herself, as she claims her husband spends his money on women and she’s left to cater for her needs on her own.

Since it was the festive season and most of her workers travelled for the Christmas break, she had a lot of work on her hands.

While selling food to people who returned for the Christmas holiday, she said a customer came in and she recognized him as an old friend from school. They hugged, chatted briefly, then she went about serving her other customers.

Because it was a busy day for business, she sold food till 11pm. She explained that she was too tired and sleepy by the time she was done so she called the driver who usually takes her back home but he wasn’t picking.

Her old classmate, who was still on the field with other revelers, tried to help her order a cab online but she said the cost was too expensive, so she just arranged chairs and decided to sleep at her stand that night.

She explained that this is not unusual during festive seasons and there were others also staying over at the field.

She slept off immediately and woke the next morning to shouts from her husband calling her a “prostitute” and other names.

She said that before she could defend herself, he brought out something she thought was a belt and aimed it at her chest. She blocked with her arm and that’s when she discovered it was not a belt but a knife.

He struck her arm three times before people in the field attempted to stop him.

Angered that he could not stab her on her chest, she said he then started stabbing her leg.

She lost consciousness and was then rushed to the hospital where she underwent 3 surgeries.

Her arm became infected due to the knife used to inflict the injury and had to be amputated.

She revealed that even while she was in the hospital, she discovered her husband was busy seeing other women and wouldn’t provide the full money needed for her treatment.

She says she’s done with the marriage and now calls him her “ex-husband”.

The case is in court.

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