Wednesday, May 12

Kar ku yadda da shaci fadin da ake, Ku yadda a muku Rigakafin Coronavirus/COVID-19>>Gwamnati ta jawo hankalin mutane

Shugaban hukumar bada agajin lafiya matakin farko, Dr. Faisal Shu’aibu ya bukaci ‘yan Najeriya da kada su yadda da shaci fadin da ake akan Rigakafin cutar Coronavirus/COVID-19.


Yace mutane su yi kokari a musu Rigakafin da zarar an samar dashi inda yace su daina sauraren shaci fadi akansa daga kafofin da basu inganta ba.


Yace rigakafin zai bada kariya daga kamuwa da cutar Coronavirus/COVID-19 idan mutum ya sameshi.

“We encourage all Nigerians to get vaccinated when vaccines become accessible as the benefits of the vaccines far outweighs the potential side effects.


“The chances of spreading the disease is significantly reduced once community members are vaccinated and protected, owing to the fact that the vaccines trigger an immune response that will protect your body against the virus if encountered.


“Please note that taking the vaccine will not only protect you, it will protect your loved ones and community members  against the COVID-19 disease as we work toward developing health immunity.


“There currently seems to be growing vaccines hesitancy and this is largely caused by misinformation leading  to mistrust, doubts, suspicions and conspiracy theories.


“We urge the public to disregard such representation from unverified sources and listen to the medical experts for confirmed information,” he advised.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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