Saturday, December 4

Koda Buhari ya sauka matsalolin Najeriya ba zasu kare ba>>Afenifere

Kungiyar kare muradun Yarbawa ta Afenifere ta bayyana cewa koda shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ya kammala wa adin mulkinsa, Matsalolin Najeriya ba zasu kare ba.


Kungiyar ta bayyana hakane bayan ganawarta a gidan shugabanta dake Ogun.


Tace koma wace jam’iyyar siyasa ce ta karbi mulki, lamarin Najeriya ba zai canja ba.


Tace zabi biyu ya ragewa Najeriya ko dai a koma amfani da kundin tsarin mulkin shekarar 1963 ko kuma a zauna a sake tattauna yanda za’a samar da wani.


Saidai kungiyar tace ta yadda da kasancewar Najeriya a matsayin kasa daya.


It said, “For sure, Afenifere believes in the unity of Nigeria but not at the expense of Yoruba interest. To us, the truism, ‘charity begins at home’ means so much to us.

“Afenifere seriously and comprehensively considered the current political trajectory of the country. The meeting was in no doubt that most, if not all of the problems bedevilling Nigeria would not have arisen if the original constitution agreed upon by our founding fathers had not been jettisoned.

”The country should go back to the 1963 Constitution that was abrogated by the military or in the alternative, the meeting of ethnic nationalities and related stakeholders should be conveyed. Such a meeting would provide an opportunity for all of us to redefine the basis of staying together. We are still very much convinced that it is in either of the two propositions that solutions to numerous problems afflicting Nigeria lie.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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