Friday, April 23

Ku kakkabe ‘yan Bindiga da masu daukar Nauyinsu>>Shugaba Buhari ya gayawa Jami’an tsaro kamin ya tafi kasar Ingila

Shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ya nemi jami’an tsaron kasarnan su yi maganin ‘yan Bindiga da masu daukar Nauyinsu.


Ya bayyana hakane a ganawar da yayi dasu ayau, Kamin ya tafi kasar Ingila neman Lafiya.


Shugaban ya bayyana cewa, kuma maganar hana hakar ma’adanai da jiragen sama shawagiba jihar Zamfara na nan daram.


Hakan na kunshene a cikin zanarwar bayan taron da me bashi shawara akan tsaro, Babagana Monguno ya fitar.

“On the issue of kidnapping and banditry, this menace still persists, especially in the north-west and the north-central zones. Mr president has been very emphatic, he has stated very clearly that this problem must be brought to an end, but using the traditional methods that the armed forces have been trained to deploy.

Mr president has made it very clear to both the intelligence and operational elements that the first assignment will be to identify the leaders of these bandits, kidnappers and take them out, in order to restore confidence in those areas.

Mr president has said that he will no longer tolerate a situation whereby bandits and kidnappers are the ones dictating the pace and setting the tone and he will not also condone a situation in which our own operations are reactionary rather than being proactive.

He has also indicated his willingness to provide all the resources required by our own troops in order to put down these criminals. They must be brought down with all the ruthlessness that is required and whoever is working in collaboration with them will be brought to book.”Monguno said

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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