Tuesday, June 15

Ku shiga taitayinku ko mu yi maganinku>>Matasan Ijaw suka gargadi IPOB

Matasan Ijaw sun gargadi kungiyar IPOB da kada su sake su shiga jihar Bayelsa. Shugaban kungiyar matasan Ijaw, IYC, Clever Inodu ne ya gabatar da gargadin.


Yace sun samu bayanai cewa IPOB din na son shiga jihar Bayelsa dan yin taro, yace duk Otal din da ya sake ya basu wajan taro, zasu kulleshi.


Yace kuma suna gargadin IPOB kada ta kawo musu wargi dan tun kamin asan za’a kafa IPOB suka kafa kungiyarsu.

He said: “The attention of the leadership of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Central Zone has been drawn to alleged gathering of the IPOB in the State.

“Bayelsa State is among the states enjoying relative peace in the country, the activities of this group, if not checked, is capable of breaching the peace especially in view of the present fragile state of security in the nation”.

He warned leaders of IPOB not to test their resolve to keep the state peaceful and called on all hotel owners and event centres not to rent their halls or premises to members of the group or the property would be shut down.

Inodu said: “Ijaw nationality has been in existence even before the so called IPOB, I therefore, call on leaders of the IPOB to desist from any planned meeting in the state with the intent of spreading message of secessionist that is capable of breaching the existing peace and security in the state.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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