Friday, May 14

Ku yi maganin Nnamdi Kanu idan kuna son samun Shugabancin Najeriya a 2023>>Kungiyar Matasan Arewa ta gayawa Inyamurai

Kungiyar matasan Arewa ta AYCF ta gayawa kungiyar kare muradun Inyamurai ta Ohanaeze Indigbo cewa idan suna son maganar samun Shugabancin Najeriya a Shekarar 2023 to sai sun yi maganin Nnamdi Kanu da sauran masu neman raba Najeriya.


Shugaban Kungiyar, Shettima Yerima n yayi Wannan magana inda yake martani ga kalaman Ohanaeze na cewa suna neman hadin kan sauran ‘yan Najeriya kan samun Shugaban kasa a 2023.


Ya bayyana cewa, basu fito sun yi Allah wadai da ayyukan Nnamdi Kanu ba kuma a haka da wuya a amince a zabesu Shugabancin Najeriya.

If Ohanaeze says they will negotiate, then that is a bit of politics but unfortunately for them, they need to ensure sanity in their region first.

“Nobody will deprive them the opportunity to produce the president being a Nigerian but not when they have one of their own (Nnamdi Kanu) threatening the corporate existence of our nation, Nigeria.

“They have not taken any decisive step to condemn the action and inactions of those criminally minded people, but expect Nigerians to entrust them with power.

“It will be difficult to entrust them with power; it’s better for them to ensure sanity in their home before coming to the table to discuss with those on top so people can say they have shown commitment and not by threats and intimidations, those days are over.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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