Monday, May 10

Majalisa na nan tana rokon Kasar Amurka ta taimaka mata a sauke Pantami>>Dan majalisa Sergius Ogun ya bayyana

Dan majalisar Wakilai, Sergius Ogun ya bayyana cewa ba zasu yi kasa a gwiwa ba sai su  ga an sauke Ministan sadarwa da tattalin arzikin zamani, Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami daga mukaminsa.


Yace idan Ministan bai sauka ba yau to lallai nan gaba sai ya sauka. Dan majalisar ya bayyanawa jaridar Vanguard haka inda yace majalisa ce ta dauki wannan mataki.


Yace suna nan suna neman goyon bayan kasar Amurka akan wannan lamari. Yace shi dai a bangaren sa kawai a Sauke Pantami kuma yana da tabbacin ba zai wuce wannan shekarar da muke ciki ba sai ya sauka. Yace yasan kasar Amurka ba zata lamunci irin wannan lamari ba.


Dan majalisar yace gaba gadin kansu suke,ba tare da gwamnatun tarayya suke wannan yunkuri ba.


Yace sun yi maganar ne a Asirce a majalisar.

His words: “From where I stand I believe the minister should resign, he will go, I don’t think he will stay beyond the end of this year. Now we are approaching America for help, will America tolerate such things, they will give you terms if they are going to come here. Right now we don’t have to power to dictate, anything they throw at us we well accept, so for me if he doesn’t go today he will go tomorrow. But I thought the President should release him, but what do you expect from this President”.


According to him, “I think people are also disenchanted with the way government is handling it, because when someone asked me in a forum, that we are not saying anything about insecurity, i had to start posting some of my YouTube videos in 8th Assembly. The last executive session we had Speaker said people will be able to speak when we are in the Executive session so things ordinarily you won’t be able to say in front of cameras, you will be able to say it. But when Speaker said we’re going to go into executive session, I raised my hand and he recognized me, my question was, this shouldn’t be an executive session, we should speak so Nigerians will hear. His was ok there are things people will not be able to say for the camera that they can disclose during an Executive session, let’s do the executive session then the resolution agreed on we will now take it to the Executive”.


“Remember we fought for the removal of Service Chiefs, has anything changed? Someone said our motion was take out the Service Chiefs and bring in competent ones, so what we’re saying now is that we are sure these ones are competent. Ok take these ones out, who else will come? I think it’s just the system basically, those in the north are paying tax to the bandits, a colleague of mine said that, he’s from Katsina, they said the village heads gets like 30k, but now they are collecting money on behalf of the bandits. So we actually have two governments in this country. So for us it’s not just talking about it, it’s a resolution, it’s not binding on the Executive”.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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