Wednesday, April 21

Manoman yankin Inyamurai sun nemi gwamnatin tarayya ta biyasu diyyar Biliyan 9 kan amfanin gonar da Fulani suka lalata musu

Kungiyar manoma a karkashin manoman yankin Inyamurai ta nemi gwamnatin tarayya data bata diyyar Naira Biliyan 9 saboda Asarar amfanin gonar da Fulani Makiyaya suka mata.


Kungiyar tace sakacin gwamnatin tarayya ne yasa har manoman suka yi mata waccan barna dan haka ne ma take son gwamnatin ta mayar mata da asarar dsta tafka.


Shugaban kungiyar, Paul Achalla yace gwamnatin tarayya Fulani kadai take biya diyya amma su bata biyansu inda yace suna kira ga kungiyar gwamnonin yankin data Ohanaeze su taimaka musu su wa gwamnatin tarayya magana ta biyasu diyya.


“ The Federal Government is only interested in securing herdsmen and paying compensation for their cattle without a thought to what they did to our farmlands .
“ Our state governments pay compensations for cows killed by villagers .

“ So far , we have lost over N 9 bn as a result of the activities of the herdsmen and nobody is talking about it and even when they promise to pay a token , there is no laid down parameter to actually ascertain the level of damage and its cost implications .

“ We urge the governors’ forum in eastern Nigeria as well as the Ohaneze Ndigbo to look into our plight and make a strong statement and representation for us so that the Federal Government to pay us compensation of at least N 9 bn , which translates to N 1 bn per state that make up the old Eastern Region of Nigeria ” .

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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