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Matsalar tsaron Najeriya gagaruma ce>>Kasar Amurka

Kasar Amurka ta bayyana cewa, Matsalar Tsaron Najeriya, Gagarumace. Ta baiwa Najeriya shawarar cewa ta ta gano tushen matsalar dan magance ta.


Sakataren harkokin wajen kasar, Antony Blinken ne ya bayyana haka a wata ganawar da yayi da ‘yan jaridar kasar Kenya da Najeriya.


Ya kara da cewa amma kasar ta Amurka a shirye take ta yi aiki da Najeriya wajan magance matsalar. Yace Najeriya na bukatar ta baiwa jamo’anta horo na musamman sannan kuma ta samar musu da kayan aiki da tattara bayanan Sirri da kuma kare hakkin bil’adama.


Yace daya daga cikin dalilan da suka kawo matsalar tsaron akwai janyewar tafkin Chadi wanda ya jefa rashin tabbas a rayuwar mutanen dake zaune a yankin. Yace hakn ya kawo karancin abinci da sauran matsaloli da suka hada da tafiya ci rani.

“It is fair to say that the challenges that Nigeria faces, when it comes to security, are quite extraordinary — and you referenced them — whether it’s terrorism, whether it’s banditry and criminality, whether it’s piracy. All of these are real challenges.

“One, we are in absolute solidarity between us in trying to address these challenges together. And the United States is committed to supporting Nigeria as it meets these challenges. And what that involves primarily is helping Nigeria continue to build its capacity through training, through resources, through information sharing, through equipment, and all of that done, very importantly, with full respect for human rights.


“But it’s also important that we work together, as we are, to address some of the drivers or facilitators of violence and instability that we know those engaged in these activities can sometimes feed on. And that’s why you have to have a comprehensive approach to these challenges.

‘’Military approach is vitally important, but it’s insufficient, and so economic development, progress, opportunity is hugely important.”


“So, too, are dealing with some of the other drivers that sometimes produce conflict, violence, and extremism. And one of the things that’s striking, of course, is the Lake Chad basin. And there we’ve seen over time, as you know, the erosion of the basin, including because of climate change.


“That, in turn, can produce conflict over resources, new migratory patterns that put people in conflict, food insecurity, the more easy spread of disease, all of which can produce an environment in which terrorism, criminality, other forms of violence are more likely.

“So I think it’s vital that we address these, as I know President Buhari is very focused on, and it’is also why it was so important to have President Buhari, as well as President Kenyatta from Kenya, take part in the climate summit that President Biden convened last week, which was a very powerful manifestation of the broad international commitment to address the challenges posed by climate change, which in turn, as we do it, I think will address some of the drivers we’ve seen of conflict which in turn can feed extremism.


“So, it’s a long way of saying I think we have to see the big picture, the comprehensive picture – obviously focus on the hard security collaboration that we have and strengthen that, but also not lose sight of some of the bigger pieces of this that we have to address together as well.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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