Saturday, October 16

Mun yi tsammanin Messi zai buga mana kwallo ko da bamu biyashi Albashi ba>>Shugaban Barcelona

Shugaban kungiyar Kwallon kafa ta Barcelona, Joan Laporta ya koka da cewa sun yi tsammanin Lionel Messi zai buga musu wasa kyauta.


Barca dai ta kasa biyan albashin Messi bayan da bashi ya mata katutu, abinda yasa dole ya bar kungiyar zuwa PSG.


A baya dai, Joan Laporta ya taba fadar cewa, Albashin Messi ya nunka kudin da kungiyar ke samu da kaso 110%.


Yace matsalar kudi tasa dole suka raba gari da Messi. Yace yaso ace Messin ya yadda zai buga musu kwallo kyauta.


Amma babban dan kwallo kamarsa, hakan ba zata yiyuba.

With Messi I do not get angry because I appreciate him. But when we see that he could not stay there is a certain disappointment on both sides. I know they had a huge desire to stay, but a lot of pressure because of the offer they had.

‘Everything indicates that he already had the offer from PSG. Everyone knew that he had a very powerful offer. We knew that from Messi’s side they had a very good offer.

‘I did hope that at the last minute Messi would say he would play for free. I would have liked that and he would have convinced me. I understand that the League would have accepted it. But we cannot ask that of a player of his level.

‘I thought it because I know him, he went up to the first team when I was there, I helped his family a lot. He knew that when we our economic situation recovered he would be reciprocated.’

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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