Tuesday, June 15

Muna Allah wadai da janyewa Gwamnoni da Sanatocin mu jami’an tsaro>>Matasan Inyamurai, inda suka ce me yasa ba’a janyewa Gwamna Zulum ba?

Wata kungiyar Inyamurai matasa COSEYL ta yi Allah wadai da janyewa gwamnoni da ‘yan majalisar yankin jami’an tsaro.


Shugaban kungiyar, Goodluck Ebem ne ya bayyana haka a ganawarsa da manema labarai.


Yace lallai suna Allah wadai da hare-haren da ake kaiwa jami’an tsaro amma kuma janyewa manyan ‘yan siyasarsu jami’an dake basu kariya, zai saka yankin da kuma ‘yan suyasar cikin hadari. Yace a yanzu ne ma suka fi bukatar jami’an tsaron a tare dasu.


Ya kara da cewa kwanannan Boko Haram ta kashe sojoji kusan 21, kuma ta sha kaiwa tawagar gwamna Zulum hari, me yasa shi ba’a janye masa jami’an tsaro ba?


Kungiyar tace suna da rahoton cewa a majalisar Zartaswa wadda bata da wakilci daga yankin Inyamuran, duka ‘yan Arewa ne aka dauki wancan mataki.  Tace sai an hana kai sannan za’a samo bakin zaren matsalar tsaron.

It said: “COSEYL, the apex socio-political youth organisation in the South East geopolitical zone, condemns the recent directive by the police authorities withdrawing police escorts to governors, senators, House of Representatives members, speakers and other political office holders in the zone at a time that they needed security the most.


Though we condemn in its totality the recent attacks on security formations in the region, especially the police force by unknown gunmen, it is not appropriate to give such directive to police commands only in the South East and Rivers State when the entire country is faced with the same security threats. Just two days ago, jihadists killed 31 soldiers in North East. Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State has been attacked severally by Boko Haram terrorists and his security details have not been withdrawn. Then why the sudden directive in South East and Rivers State?”

COSEYL continued: “This stern and punitive decision by the National Security Council and subsequent directive by the police prove that the force is parochial in the handling of a serious matter as national security. We have it on good authority that the decision was taken at the federal executive security meeting where no member of the South South and South East is a member. Only northerners were present at the meeting.”

It pointed out that issues of insecurity required holistic approach devoid of ethnic or regional colouration.

“We, as the apex youth socio-political organisation in the zone, believe that it is a calculated attempt to expose the political office holders in South East to harm’s way and attacks by hoodlums and unknown gunmen imported from outside the zone whose sole mission is to destabilise the region, which would serve as an alibi to denial of Ndigbo presidency in 2023.

“The North East geopolitical zone and other northern states have been under serious security threats for the past six years where military personnel, police officers, Air Force officials, civil defence officers, traditional rulers and other security agencies were killed on daily basis and politically exposed persons (PEPs) from those states till date have their escorts. Why is South East and Rivers State different?”, the group added.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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