Saturday, June 19

Muna kokarin ganin an sako sauran daliban da suka rage a hannun ‘yan Bindiga>>Sheikh Gumi

Babban Malamin Addinin Islama, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi ya bayyana cewa suna kokarin ganin an sako daliban jami’ar Greenfield dake Kaduna.


Ya bayyana cewa yana fatan nan gaba kadan za’a ake sa ran ‘yan Bindigar zasu sakesu inda yace ana kan tattaunawa.


Sheikh Gumi ya bayyana hakane yayin da yake karbar bakuncin dalibai 27 na jami’ar Gandun Daji da aka sako da suka je masa godiya.


Yace ‘yan Bindigar bayan tattaunawa dasu, sun fasa kashe daliban da suka ce zasu yi kuma ana kan kokarin Shawo kansu.

He said, “The talk with the Greenfield University students’ abductors is also going on. you know they threatened to kill all of them after a particular deadline but after talking to them, they are now lowering their bar.

“So, we thankful they have stopped killing. And we are still negotiating with them. I hope this Afaka case will also encourage to know that there is hope in negotiation and release the children.”


“The role myself and former President Olusegun Obasanjo played in the release of the 27 Afaka students is the role of mediators because the fight is not between us and them but between the bandits and the government.

“What we understand is that these people are trying to attack the government by attacking the government institutions and take innocent children.

“Having understood that we came to the conclusion that this is not a hopeless situation and that we can really go in and negotiate for the release of these children, which we did after so many ups and downs.

“But in the long run, a conclusion was reached and these children are out. So, we are happy that, all of them are out and none was killed.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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