Monday, May 10

Mutane 4556 ne aka kashe a Najeriya a shekarar 2020>>Rahoto

Wata kungiya, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre ta bayyana cewa, mutane 4556 ne aka kashe aNajeriya a shekarar 2020 da ta gabata.


Kungiyar ta kuma bayyana cewa mutane 2,860 ne aka yi garkuwa dasu.


Shugaban kungiyar, Auwal Musa Rafsanjani ne ya bayyana haka a wata sanarwa da aya fitar. Ya bayyana cewa akwai kuma alamar za’a samu karuwar yawan wadannan lamurra a shekarar 2021.


Kungiyar ta bayar da shawararcewa a rika vaiwa jamo’an tsaron Najeriya hiro na musamman kuma na zamani kan yanda ake magance rikice-rikice.


“Insecurity and gaps in the law enforcement system are inadvertently interlinked. The criminal justice system plays a crucial role in the maintenance of law and order.

“The task of the criminal justice system is carried out through the means of detecting, apprehending, prosecuting, adjudicating, and sanctioning both citizens and non-citizens of the state who violate the established laws governing the state or country.

“There is a need to effectively train these officials to meet with current trends in the global fight 21st-century crimes.

“Officers of all spheres of the criminal justice system should be trained regularly on new methods of security, administration etc. to improve competence and keep officers up to date.

“Ideally, this training should not stop at the entry-level, but provisions should also be made for continuous training and retraining to keep up with contemporary trends.

“There is no magic in the world that can be done to ensure optimal performance of the criminal justice officers if the proper equipment is not in place for them to use.

“The maintenance of the vehicles should be a priority for the government. Funds need to be adequately and timely released to maintain the gadgets and vehicles.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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