Tuesday, August 3

Tun bayan yakin Basasa, Sojoji basu taba fama da yaki irin wannan karin ba>>Sanata Ahmad Lawal

Kakakin Majalisa, Sanata Ahmad Lawal ya bayyana cewa, tun bayan yakin basasa, Sojojin Najeriya basu taba samun kansu cikin yaki kamar yanda suke yi yanzu ba.


Ya bayyana hakane a Asibitin sojoji na 44 da ya ziyarta a Kaduna ranar Asabar.


Kakakin majalisar ya baiwa sojojin tallafin Miliyan 10 inda kuma ya nemi a mara musu baya, yace saboda Najeriya suke baiwa Kariya.

“After the civil war in Nigeria, I dare say that there was never a time the military is involved in some type of warfare than this time.

“Our armed forces deserve all the support from all the citizens of Nigeria because they are fighting on our behalf. To do otherwise is to be unfair, to the armed forces.

“Our expectations as citizens are very high and therefore we have to give the armed forces what they require, we may not be able to give everything because we don’t have enough but we must as a country put in more resources because everything rests on peace and security.

“I want to assure you once more that beyond the supplementary budget, in 2022, we will provide more resources for our armed forces and I hope that the armed forces will be prioritised.

“The wounded offices must be treated properly. It will boost the moral of those that are there to fight. So we have every reason to make sure that hospitals like this are properly provided for.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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