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Yawanci Musulmai Wayayyu ne,Amma Pantami baya cikinsu>>Obadiah Mai Lafiya

Tsohon Mataimakin Gwamnan babban bankin Najeriya, Obadiah Mailafiya ya bayyana cewa, Yawanci Musulmai wayayyu ne.


Yace amma Irin su Ministan Sadarwa da tattalin arzikin Zamani, Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami wanda a Salaf ne dake bin Ibn Taymiyya suna da matsala. Yace akidarsu irin ta su Hitler ce da Nazi wadda idan baka tare dasu basu dauke a matsayin mutum ba. Yace a karkashin irin koyarwarsu ne aka samu kungiyoyin Alqaeda, Al-Shabab da ISWAP.


Mai Lafiya ya kuma kara da cewa, babbar matsalar irin su Pantami masu haddar Qur’ani shine suna dauko abinda aka rubutashi da Larabci suce zasu fassara zuwa Hausa ko turanci wanda hakan abune me matukar wahala.


Ya bayyana hakane a hirar da aka yi dashi a jaridar Tribune da aka tattauna dashi akan abubuwa da yawa, wanda hutudole ya tsakuro muku wasu kadan daga ciki.


Mai Lafiya yace Pantami na nuna alamar son komawa Madina, yace suna maraba da hakan dan kuwa basa bukatar Irinshi a Najeriya. Yace Pantami ya kawowa Najeriya wani tsari washi na NIN kuma ana ta Shigo da Fulani daga kasashen waje ana musu rijistar wannan NIN din da ace sune suka fi yawa.


Yace akwai shirin Jihadi ne da ake yi a Arewa.

I really did not want to jump into the bandwagon on the Pantami case. I think all his dirty linen have been washed in the public arena. The emperor has no clothes. He has threatened to go back to Medina or wherever he came from. He would be well advised to do so. The New Nigeria of our dream has no place for his types. He has allegedly eulogised the likes of Osama Bin Laden.


I saw an old video-clip of him waxing lachrymose about the need to go to Langtang and wage war on “the infidels”.  In moral terms, he is a lizard. A cold, reptilian and deadly enemy of our people.

It is people like him, with their evil theology, that have brought so much bloodshed, sorrow and tears to our country. We heard very well what the government said in his defence. They did not white-wash his wickedness; they merely tried to rationalise it as the waywardness of youth. We reject this line of argument. What he was alleged to have done took place when he was already an adult. He is not a fool. He has a PhD from a third-tier university in Britain. We hear he has the honour of being a Hafeez – someone who has ostensibly memorised the Qura’n. The greatest danger of his type is to memorise and internalise something in the classical Arabic that they can hardly interpret into English or Hausa. Such half-baked knowledge is very dangerous. He belongs to the Salafi school, which emerged with the medieval philosopher and mystic Ibn Taymiyya. Unlike great thinkers such as Ibn Sinna, Al-Farabi, Al-Kindi and the rest, Taymiyya and his ilk believe there can be no basis for dialogue with other cultures, religions and civilisations. But they are a minority even in Islam. The majority of Muslims are civilised, enlightened, peaceful and tolerant people.  The Salafi are the people driving Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabbab, ISWAS and other terrorists. My dear friend, the French philosopher and public intellectual, Bérnard Henri-Levy refers to them as “Islamo-fascists”. They are in the same league as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. They are possessed by the same demons and the same ruling spirits. If you do not share their beliefs, your life is worth less than that of a dog. They have total contempt for human life. We and people like them cannot live in the same country.


Through Pantami’s devious NIN palaver, they are allegedly importing millions of aliens and issuing them with passports, national identity cards and voter cards. They are fighting a demographic Jihad to ensure that the North is the demographic majority by subterfuge. And then they will have a free license to call the shots in perpetuity. They have allowed hundred of thousands of killers to invade our country. They are everywhere now. Recently, Niger State Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, lamented that the terrorist bandits have overrun over 100 villages. Niger, as you know, is the largest state by size in Nigeria. And it is less than 200 km to Abuja. The terrorists have already occupied most of my ancient Savannah homeland. The gestalt and hermeneutics of this administration leads us to believe they have a closet sympathy for the killers of our people. One of them was quoted as saying, “as you know, we always rejoice when Christians are killed”. With these kinds of attitudes, we never trust them. We would always have to decode and psychoanalyze even their best intentions. The tragedy of our situation has encouraged all sorts of secessionist tendencies, from the Old Biafra to Oduduwa and Middle Belt. Based purely on systems theory, there is no system that can take on so much pressure without something eventually giving in. Even those of us old patriots who love our country and desire its success and prosperity may be in no position to stop the madmen who are hell-bent on destroying her. If Carthage must be destroyed, then it is better for everyone to go their own way. The only solution, as I see it, is restructuring, political reforms, devolution of powers to the regions and reinventing Nigeria as a forward-looking, progressive and prosperous democracy. The other alternative is death.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:



  • Habibu

    Hmmm…. All these incongrous assertions and d illogical and fabricated statement represented by this man was totally a rouse. They hate pantami as a minister and they don’t know that in islam u cannot unreasonable kill a soul irrespective of its religion. But if I were pantami walhy tallhy I will relinquish d position and consider my life of hereafter though this is what they need because it is only a fool who values dis temporary life which no matter how rich u are one day u will depart from it

  • Aminu Rabi'u Isah Garun-Gudinya

    Idan mafaɗin magana wawane, ai mai sauraronsa bazai zama wawaba. Allah yana tare da Sheikh Fantami kuma shine zai kareshi insha Allahu.

  • Yakubu Habibu

    Please kindly asked Obadiah who are those in front of Zangon kataf crisis’s in 1992 and all the problems that Kaduna state encounter, he used federal government of Nigeria money to financing those cases when he was there as deputy central governor of Nigeria. As now Ali isa pantami is more educated than him in any form he should allow pantami alone please.

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