Tuesday, June 15

Minista Amaechi ya fallasa manyan Mutanen Najeriya da yace basu da kishi kuma suna amfana da Biliyoyin Naira akan matsalar tsaro, yace duk wanda ke son kawo karshen matsalar tsaron suna son ganin bayanshi

Ministan sufuri, Rotimi Amaechi ya bayyana cewa, Kayan Amfani da na ma’aikatar kula da tashar ruwa da Tsohon Shugaban kasa, Olusegun Obasanjo ya siyo da suka kai Moyan €300 da Miliyan €400 sun bace.


Ya bayyana hakane wajan taron hukumar kula da tsaron kan ruwa inda yace akwai ‘yan Najeriya da yawa dake amfana da matsalar tsaro.


Yace yawancin manyan Mutanen Najeriya basu da kishin kasa, suna samun Biliyoyin Naira akan matsalar tsaro kuma duk wanda ke neman kawo karshen matsalar zasu sakashi a gaba sai sun ga bayanshi. Yace amma shi be karaya ba.

“Just because of this project, three committees were set up against me; one led by the vice-president, one by the minister of defence and another by the EFCC.

“While they were set up and all of them were cabinet committees; the accusation was this is Amaechi’s contract. Mr. President, I don’t do contract.

“But I want to tell you why I did it. Nigerians are not patriotic, most elites are not. They were making billions of money in insecurity. Anybody who wants to fight insecurity, they will fight the person and I was very determined.

“I am surprised that the MD of Shell read his speech without saying that the oil companies met and promised me a gift if I can survive in this war. This war has sacked two ministers, they were taken to the EFCC and they were sacked.

“This war, under President Obasanjo; they spent between €300 million and €400 million to buy the same equipment we have bought and they have disappeared.

“Until the day you sack me or I leave office, I will make sure that this equipment remain because Nigerians who do business on the water are not good people. Most unpatriotic Nigerians are not good.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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